Inverting an Image

I have read all the posts that seem related to this topic and still don’t understand. Here is my situation. I have a black and white image that I prepared in Photoshop. I inverted the image (I think that is the correct term - it looks like a negative). I imported the image into Lightburn. When I run it, the results is identical to my image before inverting it. I even put the inverted image side by side with the non=inverted image in LightBurn and ran them together and they come out looking identical when engraved. I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

have you tried “Negative Image”?

No, I did not see that. I will do that now. Thank you!

Yes. So simple. I feel silly. But, thank you - that did it.

2 pairs of eyes sometimes see more, it’s not silly :eyes: :eyes:

When was the “negative image” option added to lightburn? Is this a newer addition? Thank you!

mmm … I can not really answer that, it feels like it has always been there for this feature is reasonably important.

I don’t see it anywhere in my cut settings. Im thinking its on a newer version than the one I have.

It is only for images, and has been there since the start of LightBurn. If you are trying to invert vectors, you need to define a boundary for that.

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