IP Camera w/ LightBurn


As the title suggests, I would like to get a camera hooked up for the laser cutters. I understand this is not possible in LB natively which is fine. Most of the docs that I found are older thus I am worried that those are out of date. For example, Tutorial: Connecting IP Camera to LightBurn on Mac has been discovered as out of date and no longer works as of LB 1.3.01.

Here’s what I need:
A camera to monitor the lasers. Not line up any cuts. Simply make sure it’s not totally missing the cut surface😁. I understand this poses a fire risk but there are other people around it. The computers that run the cuts are in a different room which is why I want the cameras.
I also want it to pop up in the LB camera window.

I have a network switch that the laser is connected to, so I can connect the camera to that.

All that is to say,
What is the most up-to-date way of getting an IP camera connected to LB? I assume it involves some drivers or a third-party app. Just not sure what one it is.
This may be a stretch but is it possible to use a USB camera (like the one LB sells), run it through a USB → RJ45 connector, and then plug it into a switch?


If you’re monitoring with an IP camera, just open the IP in a web browser.

We strongly advise that you be physically present whenever your laser is running. ALWAYS.

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That probably makes more sense. Any recommendations on a good IP camera?

Sorry, I don’t have any recommendations. There are so many options. You could even use a ~$25 wyze cam.


No worries, thanks for the help.