Is it possible to deform (resize) along one axis only?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to resize just one axis? I know it’s possible with node edit, but I have a grouped object that has multiple layers and a lot of detail, so node edit really isn’t an option.

I need to take the top and make it narrower than the bottom while maintaining perspective.

Moving the corner adjusts the X and Y axis, and sizes everything.

What is like to do is to independently move each top corner in toward the center of the top line, much like the center of the top will move toward the bottom of the object.


What you’re describing may be possible using the warp or deformation tools that are currently being tested in the open beta.

If you can afford to work with potentially less stable software then may be worth checking it out to see if it does what you need.

Read more about the beta here:

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Thank you! This is exactly what I need!

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