Public Beta Releases - 1.4.00

Public Beta Releases

In order to improve the quality and stability of public releases we are introducing a “Public Beta” period for new LightBurn releases.

We’ll test to the point we normally would before a release, then make the new version available here for anyone who wants to try it. We’ll gather feedback from users to address any issues at this public beta stage before doing a general public release.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug in a public beta, please let us know by sending an email to with as much information as you can recall - ideally, provide the steps required to reproduce the issue, and attach any screenshots, crash logs, or images as needed. Please put ‘Public Beta’ in the subject line of your email.

The standard licensing rules apply - you’ll need to have a current license key to run these (or be in an active trial period). If you have any issues while using a beta, you can just install whatever version you were using before, or grab the current public release version from the Trial/Download page.


Public Betas can be downloaded from here.


Here’s the full list of changes for the 1.4.00 beta:

  • Added ‘Repeat Marking’ feature for galvos
  • Added Warp tool (4-point)
  • Added Deform tool (16-point)
  • Add File > New Window option to launch separate instance
  • Bugfix: Don’t print hidden layers
  • Auto-close combined paths in SVGs on import
  • Line tool now actively tries to connect to existing shapes
  • Cleaner output when deleting single line/curve in a shape
  • Added Scale nudge to galvo framing dialog with PgUp / PgDn
  • Add head camera settings to camera import/export
  • Added field offset for fine tuning galvo devices
  • Added cursors to indicate failure modes for Fillet tool
  • Bugfix: SVGs with shape instances that specified size in percent imported incorrectly
  • Updated Slot resizer to support Inch units
  • Allow single decimal place for Q-pulse length
  • Bugfix: Variable text parser would miss quotes on start of line
  • Bugfix: New auto-overscan code for DSPs ignored multiple passes
  • Bugfix: properly handle multi-appended SVG style definitions (new Illustrator exports & clipboard format)
  • Bugfix: large data packets sent from Ortur WIFI (like machine settings) could hang the connection
  • Bugfix: support height wasn’t properly restored when switching between mm/in on the main toolbar
  • Bugfix: DXF polyline arc export was incorrect for some device origin settings
  • Produce less direction change in Offset Fill of curves
  • Bugfix: Done Marking signal for galvos wasn’t properly emitted when a job completed normally
  • Bugfix: Overscan distance wasn’t shown properly for Image Mode on GCode systems
  • Added Done Marking duration setting
  • Remember the Job Counter value after the framing dialog is closed (might move this to a global counter, but trying this for now)
  • Can now drag-reorder stored move coordinates
  • Bugfix: Enable Focus / Air assist by layer/with laser settings interfered with each other
  • Bugfix: Overcut used with “Choose best starting point” on Ruida could produce an incorrect cutting line
  • Bugfix: GCode produced for non-horizontal fills on A-axis rotary had incorrect feed-rate
  • Bugfix: Flood Fill now disables Fill grouping in galvo mode
  • Bugfix: ‘Show Me’ open shapes would crash if the shapes were in a virtual array
  • Bugfix: Pause button in rotary screen would sometimes not resume
  • Bugfix: Image compositor could sometimes output zero-length pixels on the edge of an image
  • Bugfix: ‘Start Here’ + Overcut would emit incorrect cut line at end on GCode systems
  • Bugfix: AutoGroup feature could incorrectly exclude interior shapes
  • Bugfix: don’t do extra work during ‘Break Shapes’ (dramatically faster when breaking shapes with lots of nodes)
  • Bugfix: PDF file with a line-break in an object reference would crash
  • Bugfix: Scan image preview showed wrong angle for some device origins
  • Bugfix: Ramp mode broken if “ramp outer edge” was off (bug in inside/outside sorting)
  • Bugfix: Disabling first sub-layer could cause a crash, and incorrect filling of subsequent sub-layers
  • Bugfix: Slicing shapes for rotary could cause a crash in rare circumstances
  • Bugfix: Limit total attempts to intersect Bezier curves (prevents crash on malformed or weird files)
  • Bugfix: Roller rotary on galvo was incorrectly using object diameter, not roller diameter
  • Bugfix: inline style should override class style on shapes
  • Expanded range of allowed override frequency for CO2 lasers up to 100khz
  • Don’t allow MOPA commands through to DIGIT boards (prevents hanging the board when wrong laser is chosen)
  • Bugfix: Send File shortcut (Alt+Shift+S) was broken
  • Bugfix: ‘Mirror output to rotary’ would revert if creating or loading a new file
  • Bugfix: DXF spline parser got confused if some data fields were out of order

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