Is it required to have internet to get a trial of this program?

I know this question seems stupid but with limited space I have my laser in an out building with no internet at all. I would love to try out LightBurn so want to ask this question before attempting to make it work with to internet by the laser.

When you run it, it does access the internet to authorize the software, as far as I know…

There is an option for off-line authorization that might work for you…

Try this link…


As far as I know, it only requires Internet connection when validating the Lic, which the trial doesn’t, so you should be able to download on a connected computer then use a USB flash drive and install in workshop.

The link I posted seems to disagree with you… did you read it?


Thats why I started with “as far as i know” and no, I was on my phone at the time and I have trouble with reading long posts on my phone.

If you cannot get the internet to the computer to start the trial (needs internet access exactly once for a brief moment), then the only way to activate LightBurn on that offline computer is to purchase a license and then follow the offline activation procedure.

I assume that’s every time it’s invoked or does it store the date of the trail somewhere?

If they turn the machine off and move it, will it know it’s a trail version when it brought back up and Lightburn is invoked?


An internet connection is required exactly once to authenticate the trial - the clock will countdown from there.

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