Is lightburn ready for a full Ezcad migration?

A year ago I’ve looking into switching to Lightburn, but I couldn’t make make workflow work with lightburn.
I would like to make the switch to lightburn.
Ezcad is buggy, lightburn might be more stable, but does it offer enough of ezcad’s features?

We don’t make money with lasering, We only use it for optimizing our factory.
If funding is the issue, please talk to me we could work something out.

I would like to suggest you run our trial again, as we continue to address the needs of our Galvo customers. New things are added with each release, along with any fixes required to previous releases. Running the trial anew allows you to test your desired workflows and compare results.

If your trial has expired, post the trial key here in a reply, ping/call me using ’ @Rick ’ and I can help reset / open again trial access.

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