Is not a creation this one but request of infos

Had someone used the borax and white wash technique?
if so, can explain in words that also a stupid child (me) can understand?
And also baking soda and water plus white wash. I can’t figure out the way…
Thank you all for patience with a noob like me :wink:

p.s.: whitewash is simple and i got the point… is the use of baking soda or borax that i don’t understand…

What part are you not understanding? The concept behind using diluted backing soda is to create a chemical reaction that produces a darker burn. Search here for additional posts on the subject. :slight_smile:

is not clear, and i can’t (or able to) find infos on how much powder of baking soda in how much water, same for borax and water…

I simply searched for “baking soda”. Search results for 'baking soda order:views' - LightBurn Software Forum

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