Is there a solution to this problem

Hi all,

I have an issue with my laser (or the software, I don’t know).

When engraving from left to right I end up with this issue (see photo). Ill try to explain

This circle should be a uniform thickness all the way round, but as you can see the more verticle the line the thinner the engrave.

I can kinda understand why this happens, but Im curious to know if there’s a fix. Often when engraving fast (say 200) some lines, if thin enough won’t even show up on the engraving. So I have to slow the whole thing down to get the required effect

This user has the same problem


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It depends on the fiber of the wood.
If you turn the board vertically the defect will be above and below.

I am having his exact issue, when i want to engrave anything thinner than 3-5 mm it gets faded or just the edges get engraved

I have this issue on cardboard, acrylic and paper, so grain has nothing to do with this i’m afraid.

It looks like really poor focus adjustment if your kerf is that wide.
Otherwise, if you are using a Diode laser they will have an oval focal point so you will see wider lines in one direction than the other. That means more energy in the thinner line and less energy(it’s spread out) in the wider areas.

Ive still not fixed it. I also posted about it here. If you do figure out the issue let me know! :slight_smile:

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FYI, from what you posted it just looks like it is the wood color which is causing less burning along the grain in certain areas of the circle. You should use a piece of material without all that variation in grain color if you want to test. There are tricks to help wood burn more evenly like using baking soda mixed with water and treating the wood with it. example: How to... Wood engraving with BAKING SODA?? - YouTube

This looks like you have a scanning offset. Read here:

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