Is there a way to warp text in Lightburn

Wanting to warp text to fit inside random shapes similar to this topic Is there an easy way to create this type of text? - #4 by daddycreswell is there a way to do it within Lightburn?

Not that I know of, however, something like this may help and inkscape is free.

Edit: This tutorial by the same guy is actually exactly that look, different font but I assume the process would be the same

LightBurn does not provide a warp tool at this time, no. :slight_smile: It has been suggested before, but nothing at this time.

Thanks, yea I’ve seen some solutions using other software and tried Inkscape with using the bezier envelope extension however my version errors so I gave up. I have an old version Inkscape with a few custom modified files though so maybe I just need a new fresh installation.

Thanks, I’d vote for that feature in an upcoming release. :slight_smile:

We have a thing… :wink:

Thanks, I was aware of the feature suggestions but didn’t bother since you said it had been suggested previously. I’ll go see if I can find it and vote or make a new suggestion if not.

Thank you. This helps us prioritize and manage these requests and inform the community as the status of the request changes. :slight_smile:

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