Is there something similar for lasers like octoprint/mainsail for 3d-printers?

short question: is there something similar for lasers like octoprint/mailsail for 3d-printers to connect the laser via usb to a raspberry-pi and then control it via wifi and a webinterface with a pc/tablet/phone?


Are you aware that Octoprint itself has plugins to support this?

LaserWeb is another program that’s somewhat like this but doesn’t seem actively developed.

this is the one i know but haven’t tried yet. it doesn’t look like it has anywhere near the functionality of what these programs do on 3d printers.

what are you using?

Is there something specific you’re looking for in terms of functionality or workflow? The needs of laser cutting and 3d printing are different so wouldn’t expect these to be equivalent.

I don’t use any intermediary software for my laser cutting.

ok - thanks - i see. but if you don’t use it yourself you won’t be able to help me much on this subject. and i’m of course already aware of the differences in the use of my laser 3d-printer and the cnc.

so i’ll try octoprint and better grbl plugin for now. homing and moving etc works. let’s see how it will be with real laser cutting work.

octoprint is already much lamer than mainsail - and the range of functions with better grbl could also be larger. raspberry-pi camera is still to come.

unfortunately the ‘lightburn-bridge’ doesn’t work via usb - which i can’t understand. or did i miss something? but maybe someone here from the lightburn-team can tell me something about it.


p.s. if someone here in the forum knows better or other solutions - I’d love to hear it - feel free to share it with me.

Bridge only works for Ruida controllers. It’s not a generalized solution.

Did you also look at LaserWeb?

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laser-web i had looked at before i bought lightburn back then and didn’t really like it. but maybe i should take another look at just the server part.
thank you!

ok - took another look at laserweb. but there seems to be no development for more than a year. and i don’t like riding a dead horse.

p.s. what i found so far is fluidnc. but i have to have a look if and how this could work for me. but at least at first glance it looks not bad and seems to be still developed on github.

FluidNC is good but it’s not really similar to Mainsail or Octoprint. It’s an alternative firmware derived from GRBL but enhanced with support for ESP32 and other features.

I haven’t heard of anyone running this on a Sculpfun S9 board which I believe is Atmega328p based.

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yep. but it’s really astonishing that there is nothing usable for either cnc or laser. and that although both have been around much longer than 3d-printers. but (except for lightburn) all software for cnc and laser is really creepy like from the last millenium. well and this lightburn.-bridge thing is also rather old-fashioned nonsense. a reasonable webinterface for pc/tablet/phone is the only way and then connected with wifi/raspi.

Not really following what you mean about this. It’s possible you’re not familiar with the initial intent and purpose of that product. It was created specifically in response to unreliable USB connections primarily with Mac users. it provides an alternative interface when one simply did not work. It’s not meant as a generalized print server or anything of the sort. It’s a turnkey single purpose device, solving for a very particular problem situation. It has since been adopted more broadly for more people using Ruida even without USB problems but its raison d’etre has not changed.

Also keep in mind that I believe Oz for a while was reluctant to enable wireless connectivity for any lasers because he didn’t want to create features that encouraged remote or inattentive operation. That stance seems to have shifted somewhat as evidenced by wireless support introduced for some GRBL devices (e.g. OLM3).

I think the major difference you’ll see in between CNC/laser world and 3D printing worlds is that CNC/laser came up from an industrial background whereas 3D printing came up from the maker community and reprap philosophy. This has created shifts in priority as well as relative emphasis differences on open solutions.


You will never get a Mercedes to have the functionallity of a D9 Bulldozer, but you can get from A to B in both.

My collection of methods is here: Laser Remote Control - Diode Laser Wiki But I don’t think it features more than has been discussed here already. :slight_smile:

The MKS DLC32 is a plug-in replacement for a Sculpfun laser, cables just fit right away.

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cheap sculpfun s9 now cuts about 1.000mm length - works over wifi (raspi 3 / octoprint / better grbl) and has a pi-camera. way less fast/modern than mainsail for 3d-print - but ok.


You could try CNCjs. It’s probably about the best I’ve seen for this type of thing.


thanx for the hint. I take a look at it.