Issue engraving photos

I am having an issue with my 100W OMTech machine. I am engraving pictures using lightburn and the machine works fine until 95% through the print. At that point the steppers in the machine make a noise and they stop. When I hold the start/pause button the machine tries to resume but then the x carriage screeches and comes to a halt. When this is happening I think the belt is skipping because after the home point is all messed up. It thinks the origin of the machine is in a completely different place. Even the limit switches on the machine don’t register and I have to power cycle the machine to fix the origin issue. This only happens with engraving and I know there is nothing in the way that the x carriage is hitting because if I cancel the print and manually move the laser head it works fine in every direction. So far I have been salvaging these messed up prints by printing up until the laser head gets stuck then power cycling the machine then finish the image with the scan angle at 180 and stopping at the point it got stuck at.

And to assist in saving your projects, I draw your attention to another option that might be helpful.

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