Issue in my network

So we are doing some upgrades and stuff at my work and how things are set up now, my computer and laser are on two separate subnets.
My laser controller is a Ruida.

So for example, my computer ip is and the laser ip is with the gateway at

My computer can talk to the laser. I can ping the laser with no issue, I can tracert it and see that it is 2 hops away. However, I can’t see the laser with Lightburn. Everything used to be fine when I was on the same subnet.

Does anyone have a similar issue that has found a solution?

Have you looked into the NAT (Network Address Translation) for your lasers router?

Good luck, let us know how it works out… :crazy_face:


No I’ll have to talk to our IT guy. I have no control over our network/routers

That would be the most simple fix…

Good luck


Fingers crossed, thanks lol

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