Issue on blank cell in CSV file

Hi guys!

I have to mark thousand of alluminium plates and each one has a different text disposed on different rows. To do that I’ve prepared an Excel file with some columns that corrisponding at the specific row in LB, and exported in CSV format.

I have setted each row to the corrisponding column using % symbol. In this job not every cell has text and consequently in my CSV there is a blank space.

When i click on “Preview” everything looks like good, but…

When i push START, Lightburn tell me there are open shapes, and when i click SHOW ME it selects blanks rows.

If I click on CONTINUE the laser engrave this plates (deleting the blank rows) but don’t go to the next row in the CSV.

How can i solve this problem? any help will be appreciated! =)

Are you certain this is related to the text merge? I wouldn’t expect the condition you’re describing to create open shapes.

Check for open shapes using Edit->Select open shapes.

Sure, I’ve made some test… if every field in the CSV has text there are no problems, but when I have a blank field the error about “open shapes” appear and I have to click CONTINUE for each row to start.

I normally use pedal for this type of work, and if i have constantly to check LB and click to continue, this make me lose a lot of time.

Maybe there is a trick to “hide” this alert. Have you idea?

I can’t recreate what you’re getting with a test file. Missing fields don’t create an open shapes situation.

Can you upload the .lbrn and csv files to review? You can shorten the csv file or create a different file if the data is sensitive.

Sure, you can find under CSV and LBRN files.
Pulsante.csv (144 Bytes)
Pulsante.lbrn2 (33.1 KB)

As you can see in the picture below, if i have some empty cells (3rd row and bottom left rows in this case), the error appear. When i click Show me, LB select the empty rows.

Okay, I understand partially why I couldn’t reproduce it before. I was using “Line” instead of “Fill”.

However, even then I couldn’t immediately recreate with my original test file even though the issue was apparent with the file you sent. I’ve been playing around with your file that does show the issue but I can’t isolate exactly what it is that’s causing it.

For example, changing “MARCIA” to “marcia” on the first row allows this to work. It’s not clear to me why.

@Rick Can you take a look at this?

I have also tested this, but not work for me… if i put every text in lowercase and select Uppercase in Lightburn, not works.

@berainlb @Rick i’ve made some tests and understood something new.

The problem come up only in Fill mode. If I use Line mode everything works well. Maybe is it a bug?

This is because line mode doesn’t assume closed shapes so LightBurn won’t complain. To me the potential bug is that some unintended shapes are being created under certain conditions which I couldn’t identify.

Is there a way to hide this alert?

I don’t believe so and it’s generally useful.

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