Issue while saving the Gcode on a SD Card

Hi all
I am using an Atomstack A5 burner. in order to allow it to work offline I change the motherboard with a MKS DLC V2.0 with a added TFT screen that includes a SD card reader.
If I connect the Device through a USB cable to Lightburn, I do not have any issue and everything works well. the If I do not change any setting and instead of selecting “run Gcode” I click on “save Gcode”, save the file on a SD card and then launch the burn from the SD card, The Image is af away bigger and not in laine with what is in Lightburn. I am wondering if there is not a steppers settings issue ? but hy everything is working good when connecting the Atomstack directly to the computer running Lightburn and no more working if I try it through a code file saved on a sd card ?

if you can share some area of investigation It will be great.

Not quite sure what this means, but I’m guessing you are saying the image is way bigger and not in line? Not sure I can really help on this one, but if by way bigger do you mean like 25.4 times bigger?

Hi I do not burn the image itself I stop the process before it starts. Prior to print I zsk the device to go through the border ot the image. The sizing is perfect when I do it from lightburn connect to the device through USB. The border size is two or three times bigger when i do the same through a gcode save to a sd card and launch the process from the sd card

I did some more investigation and the issue seems to be related to the “Save Gcode” function on a Mac. When I prepare a gcode with the same image, same settings on lightburn under windows10. I do not face any issue using the gcode that I saved on a sd card.


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