Issue with LB cut colors

Hi! So as of late I have been having a few issues with the program itself. For our machines I use Black as my cut, Blue as my Etch, and Green as my Engraving. I save the file and it does just fine. But, if I open the .rd file again later on to add or remove or edit then my colors have swapped. My black changes to blue, blue changes to black, and green randomly turns red. It doesn’t happen constantly but enough to become annoying. Any ideas what may be causing this?

To edit a .rd file the only way I know of is to highlight everything, go to “Arrange” on the top bar, and click “Break Apart”. It breaks it down into dots so you can delete anything you want. It’s a little tedious but once you mess with it enough it becomes easier.

EDIT: Try it some because I edit .rd all the time using this method but like I said it takes a little getting used to but worth it if you lose your main file.

LightBurn doesn’t pull the color layer mappings from RD files, it just treats each different color as “a layer”, but doesn’t make any attempt to map them back to the specific colors. RD files are generally considered ‘non editable’, so we don’t recommend using them as an edit format unless absolutely necessary.

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