Issues engraving images

Can anyine help? I have a k40 use imag-r and lightburn. On images no matter what speed i set the laser moves like 20 mm/s and will shift about 3mm either direction. When doing other svgs i have no issues. Imag-r said the algorithms dont affect speed. So i tried just using lightbun to prep images and same issue. Any ideas

Is it always in the same spot that it loses track? Otherwise you’re losing steps, and it’s possibly due to a loose belt. Check to make sure they’re taught, but not too tight, and not too loose.

Does it make a gnarly sound when it does the offset?

Bets feel good. Does it in random spots. No noise. The machine only 5 months old not a lot of time on it. I inspected bets , rod, stepper gears. Only does it on photo images. When i burn coasters at a faster spped no problem. Could it have to do with antivirus software maybe scanning at random times?

I’m not familiar with how your controller takes projects, but on my Ruida, it sends the entire file to the laser to run. I would imagine if your controller is being streamed the information, then anything that interrupts that could be lagging the connection. I would disable AV and anything else you don’t absolutely need to run and test it to be sure.

Was going to try laptop witout antivirus installed to see if thats the issue

Are you connecting to the laser via USB?

Yes it is. cable might be defective was going to get new cable this weekend and try.

There might be some pertinent windows settings to change regarding usb power.

I’ll let Oz pull the curtain back for you.

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