Issues with 0.9.23 update

was just searching for answers to this problem… We have a camfive laser with Ruida controller. Using computer with windows 10. Updated to latest version of Lightburn. Can frame, but when actual job is started laser does not fire while tracing the image. Pulse works fine. Very frustrated after hours of looking at various settings. All worked fine before update.

What version is this update you did? The linked versions above are not the public releases, they are test versions related to the OP. Did you try one of those? If so, which one? If you roll back to a previously working version for you, can you run the same job without issue?

I updated to 9.23 . just tried to go back to 9.22. Laser still not firing but tracing image. Is there something else I am missing? Keep checking that the correct laser is enabled, etc.

What version did you last have working as expected? Re-install that version so you can get going again. Please confirm. We can then work to figure out what the issue you are reporting may be.

OK we rebooted everything and currently running a small test piece on version 9.22. Seems to be working. yay! Going to entirely rework the big piece we were attempting and hope for the best. Thank you.

The update posted to the thread I moved this from (Updated to 0.9.23 and cannot send jobs to laser - #40 by LightBurn) is not the same as the publicly available download.

The link above is a new, updated internal version that we’re testing to see if it resolves the communications issues with MacOS and Ruida controllers. If you can download and install the appropriate version from the link above and give feedback as to whether it works for you or not, that would be helpful.

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