Issues with arranging not working? Send to Back, Bring to Front

I have a few objects stacked up on each other and they are not in the order I would like,
but when I try to use any of the arrange commands to bring them forward or back, nothing happens.

This might help. It shows the use of the ‘Push…’ features to arrange objects as you desire.

Thanks for the explaination and photos, but far as I can tell, thats what I am doing, but nothing happens.
Will this not work with just multiple drawn objects? Here is what I have.

This doesn’t work at present with filled rendering on, only in wireframe mode. It’s on my list to make filled mode draw in the order of your layers, but in order to handle the filling properly, the entire layer has to be drawn at once.

ahhhhhhhh yes, just tried it with fill off and it works.
I typically dont have fill on alllll that much, but in this design I needed it on to be able to see what I was doing.
I can turn it on and off to get these moved where I need them

Well, this is odd, i spoke too soon…
I turned off fill, and I told it to send one of the objects to the back and that worked.
Turned fill back on and it looked right, then turned it back off and tried to move another object back, and it isnt working.

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