It doesn't appear properly when typing

My names and logos appear shadowy. It seems like there are layers. Where do you think the problem comes from? Thank you.

Your X axis belt needs a lot of tightening as you hare having a lot of ghosting

Can you run this in cardboard or plywood? post picture of results upclose please

Dot Test with Angle.lbrn (46.3 KB)

This looks like the result of a mechanical issue. This article from our troubleshooting documentation might be able to help you.

my 2 attempts above
My 1 attempt below

third time I tried

Something in your frame/Table top is VERY loose.

  • Is your machine setup correctly on a sturdy stable table? what happens if you set the machine on the ground and repeat test?

  • can you send a image of your belts, you have some tightening to do on both X and Y belts (X is normally pre tensioned from the factory but you need to tighten it a bit)

  • did you change the file settings or just ran as is?

now it makes sense

a) Tightem more the x belt by tightening the right hand side bolt (center one)
b) You are lifting the machine a lot necessarily, unless you are planning to do Rotary .
This lower the center of gravity of the heavy module a lot, causing those ripple effects

Try this, remove the extension legs, set the standard ones and retry the file

Okay, I will remove the long legs again and replace them with the original legs. I tightened the x straps and tightened the (y) straps on the right and left a little.

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I am using the settings you sent. I did not change the settings

looks good!

thank you sir

How is it sir?

Now we talking
There is a slighttt tension issue on the X

If you move the laser head to the left/Front

Then you pluke the belts as if they were a guitar string, they all should sound high pitch and pretty much alike
If the x is “lower” pitch than the Y then you need to tighten it a bit more
Remember there is a smaller cross screw that tighten the X tension block you might need to loosen first

I would however work like this for a few days, as belts tend to settle
THEN revisit the belts tension

Yes, I may have tightened it too much. I’ll loosen it a bit. now

I will try what you said today. I didn’t know that

Notice the flatness of your Circle on the left and right
Your X belt is loose, tighten it progressively until the Y and X font is perfect and circle is as well