JL1 (JL3) GRBL firmware avialable

Light Burn is first hit on Google while searching JL1+GRBL.
Those who search know that to surprise and frustration after acquiring machine with JL1 board - it does not speak GRBL dialect and not recognized by most and best laser carving software.

It is certainly possible to recompile GRBL for this STM32 based board from many sources available on GIT, but I can imagine this is beyond abilities of many. Well, there is easy option to get these JL1 boards working with this and other software: Wainlux_JL3_WiFi (JL1 board) originally came with the same incompatible firmware, but has optional GRBL firmware for this board. They did provide firmware download link on request.

Flashing is effortless and now my JL1 speaks GRBL 1.1f. With that - there are a few things that do not work:
-After flashing GRBL - I’ve lost WiFi functionality. ESP12 wired to UART2 on STM32, not sure it firmware compiled to support that. I do not need it anyway. Board communicates over USB CH340 just fine, it is on UART1.
-Homing does not work. Y-axis has hard coded negative offset. It is too large for my machine. I’ve disabled homing cycle and just home it manually before turning power ON. Minor inconvenience.
-laser cross not working. Once again - non-issue. Can be hard wired to stay ON permanently, if you prefer. I aim by main laser anyway.
-There is no way to go back to original firmware, that I know of. Boot loader apparently is gone after flashing GRBL. From that point the only way to change firmware is with custom built firmware from GIT sources. Not like I see any need for it.

GRBL config need to be set, like direction and soft limits, to match your hardware. With that, at no cost JL1 can speak real GRBL.

I can post firmware if there is a way to attach files, or if anyone would like to host it. Or request it from WeinLux support by yourself. Make sure to ask for “JL3 WiFi” and not BLE firmware version.


I recently bought a jl3 and I’m having a lot of trouble finding the firmware to use with lightburn.
Could you do me the favor of passing it to me?
Thank you for your help and your contribution.
All the best!!

I have edited your post to remove the email address. We do not suggest posting this information here in public. :slight_smile:

I would but Rick does not let it, as you see.
Is this forum has PM/DM? I do not see it, or I would just drop it over there.

Alternative are:
Request firmware by yourself from Wainlux, see my original post. This is very easy and so far I’m not aware they rejected anyone. B specific if you have BLE board (I’ve never seeing one) or WiFi. Most people here interested in WiFi/JL1 board, same as JL3 WiFi. Wainlux got back to me in 2 days.

Or suggest some upload/hosting site. I will not register anywhere but if they allow Guest to drop files - I will be happy to do it.

Yes it does. Click user avatar and then click “Message”.

Can you zip and then add .txt as extension? That would allow you to upload the file here.

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upgrade.zip.txt (38.4 KB)