Job stopping halfway

This is the error message I am getting, windows 10 anyone else having this problem this was posted a few days ago now am including the scrn shot every thing was working fine until I updated Lightburn any help is appreciated

Find it odd that this only started happening after an upgrade. Does this happen every single time?

Have you tried burning in LaserGRBL to see if you get the same results? Or downgraded back to previous version of LightBurn?

There was another recent thread about alarm stops and a parameter to adjust sensitivity but that was for a different alarm and different firmware version.
Error:9 G-code locked out during alarm or jog state - LightBurn Software - LightBurn Software Forum

You may want to consider upgrading firmware in either case as there are notes about updates to g-shock sensor algorithm to reduce false positives. It’s not clear to me that’s what’s happening here but it’s a possibility.

@OrturTech might be able to provide specific insight.

Alarm 3 is odd
Try this
Non ortodox test but we can try it
Load SAME file, prepare to engrave
Reach for laser head, unplug power cable (effectivly disconnect laser)

Run job. Wont engrave granted but
Does it finishes? or does it giveyou alarm 3
If it finishes we might have a power delivery issue, cant see power settings
If it does not, is your machine grounded?

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for the reply

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