Jogging move commands

is it possible to jog without increments in other words if you hold the move key it keeps moving not the predetermined distances


I’m not sure how this is done with other controllers, but with GRBL, do this…

In your Device Settings, switch “Enable $J Jogging” to on.

After that, you will have to deselect, then re-select your connected device, or restart Lighthburn.

Then, in your “Move” pane, select “Continuous Jog” beneath the movement arrow pad.

You can now hold the direction arrow down and the axis will move until you release it. I don’t believe this will work with GRBL 1.1e or earlier (GRBL-M3 device).

Same answer as here for this issue too. :wink: We need to know what you have to offer you help.

Perfect thank you

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