Joining 2 shapes

The attached shape is made up of two splines. It came up as it is after some juggling with an export from a CAD program (I did not draw them in lightburn). The problem is I can’t join the splines to make a single shape, nodes will not attach automatically as they are supposed to. I tried welding, boolean operations, everything. Can anyone guide me as how to make a single shape out of the splines? Thank you.
Wing Slice 1.lbrn (98.0 KB)

I’ve noticed there are times where 2 end nodes from different segments cannot be joined. I haven’t figured out under what conditions this occurs.

In this case, try this:

  1. Select entire object
  2. Arrange->Break apart
  3. Select all line segments
  4. Edit->Auto-join selected shapes

You should now have a closed shape.

It worked!
Thank you!

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