Modifying paths with the edit node tool

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I am trying to modify paths and merge them with lightburn but I’m running into trouble even trying to get it to work, or if it’s even possible. Forgive my terminology as I am used to working in Adobe Illustrator so some of the interface is familiar with Lightburn but some of it isn’t.

I’ve got a line trace of a shape in red ( in the screenshot below ) and a circle in green that has been converted to a path that I am trying to connect with on red.

Normally I would join the two paths and modify the points to suit in Illustrator but I don’t quite see how to do that ( yet ) with lightburn.

I am also not able to delete an anchor point let alone select two points on two different layers to merge them as I am only able to select one layer and select the edit node tool, but not the second layer in green to merge the points together.

I’m trying to get the green circle to become part of the red path ( as to create a hole for a hook ).

I saw this but it seems that it’s not possible to do this? I’ve been trying quite a view ways but I’m not making any forward progress.


Have you tried putting them on same layer?

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I just figured that part out by making them the same color.

I figured out how to break the paths but I’m struggling with the interface, mainly from using Illustrator for 20+ years and naturally wanting to use the arrow for selecting paths when in Illustrator.

I can’t seem to find a intuitive way to select two points and join them, and remove another path that is broken in the middle. I’ll keep at it :slight_smile:

I suppose another way would be to just do it all in Illustrator and ignore Lightburn for this type of work, but I’d rather get more comfortable with Lightburn for stuff like this.

Ok I added more breaks then had to back out of the edit node tool then select the section I had added two break in, and then it selected it with moving dashed lines and I then hit delete.

Now I have to figure out how to join the points now to make it a complete path again.

Insert your nodes then click on line and hit D

Thanks! So by deleting two selected points, I was able to then remove a section of the main path. Then, by selecting the other points it seems to have joined them. I say this cause when I select the main path now it all shows as one.

Have to see when I go to burn this if it cuts all the way through where I think the two points are joined.

I encourage you to keep exploring Edit Nodes.

Having said that, for this particular change the task may have been readily achieved through Boolean Operations. Something for you to explore:
Modifier Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

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If you are trying to make closed shape, I just go to fill to see if it’s closed or open.

I don’t see an option for fill if I have the shape selected. I was assuming since the whole path was dashed that the path was closed?

I did a test burn and it did work but I’d like to know where fill is.

Click on line and dropdown will let you select fill.
This is not closed.

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