Just a little consideration on Air Assit with diode laser

As you can see i have a DIY engraver with a Neje laser module, the A40630 drived by an MKS DLC32.
Till last friday i used this pump for my air assist that, like a co2, throw air from a nozzle in the same direction of the laser beam.
Form last friday, as i told before i’ve changed my mind and i have replaced the ACO 318 with tha Atomstack Airassist kit, just because I considered the air pressure more important than the flow rate.
And the results tells me that i go in the rigth direction. In the following pict you can see tha same object cutted and engraved with the two pump.
On the right you can see the engrave and the cut made with the ACO 318, on the left the same but made with the Atomstack pump.
Let me know what do you think about that…

I’ve actually played around with this a lot myself, and you’d be surprised on how important the flow characteristics are as well. This is some great extended reading: the secret to clean laser cutting: Designing a better laser nozzle using 3D-printing – Nervous System blog

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I still saw this link and his content and i have still to figure out how adapt this to diode, this is done for co2 laser system

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