Just upgraded from 7w module to a 20w module lens question

hey Folks

Currently 2 months into laser Experience and i Absolutely love it!

I recently upgraded to a 20w laser module from a 7w module! I noticed the lens may be different. with the 7w i was able to focus it quite well almost perfectly. it came out almost like a perfect circle. With This new laser module it seems the laser is alot more linear. it does not make a circular shape and when burning you can easily tell it not focused correctly.

Can it be using a different lens? i feel the lens could be different! any thoughts suggestions here?

I do not think there is a Watt specific lens for diode lasers. The problem with diode lasers is that for optical-technical reasons, the energy beam is an elongated square and “difficult” to focus. The higher the wattage, the clearer the problem. It is comparable to CO2 laser here, the output beam also becomes larger but still round.
It may well be possible that the “professional” diode laser systems are built on a different principle and use different optics or prisms and do not have these problems of focusing down to a point.