Just Upgraded to a 20 W head on my X Tool - Will not Engrave

I just put in my new 20 W laser head. and it will not engrave. I had the settings the same as what I used on my 10 w, and it burned a hole in my Lense. I have tried everything I know do but can’t get it to engrave an etching on my tile.

Any Ideas

I doubt a visible laser will do anything to a piece of tile. These are usually porcelain, or glass…

Can you be a little more verbose on what and how you’re doing the operation?

Did you replace the lens?



A couple.

First is the most obvious IMO, there’s something seriously wrong with the new 20W head.
Or with the lens.
I for one wouldn’t rule anything out when it comes down to xTool.
There should be a spare lens in the package that the head and the new power supply came in, try with it onto wood, MDF, paper, etc. non-reflective material.


Second possibility is that the surface You were trying to engrave was reflective (to the laser beam wavelength), and the beam was reflected back.

If the tile and the fusing medium You used was the same as it was with the 10W head, that’s unlikely though because a 10W beam is also more than powerful enough to ruin the lens if reflected back.

The diameter of the hole in the lens may tell something.
If it’s small, the culprit is most likely the head or the lens itself.
If it’s large, the culprit is most likely a reflected beam.