K40 AwesomeTech GRBL board stop working correclly Upgrade broke system (All speed slowed down)

I been having problems with my AwesomeTech GRBL board skipping steps when system running for about an hour. I replaced the A4988 that was getting hot but is still not the correct steps?(not shure).

The real problem now I delete the K40 profile recreated the profile and now my laser will only run a vary low speed( includes framming) Hommeing is normal speed.

I found the move speed is 1000 and if I increase to 5000 speed it works nornal. What has changed?

All speeds have drop by 1000 %?

Any help


One thing I noticed on my Atomstack X7 is that in the machine profile screen there is a tab that by default is not visible, you have to open it and you get a warning not to change manufacturers settings (or something like that). Mine showed a default speed of 6000 I think. But my machine can do 11,000 so I changed that one. Maybe your profile is defaulting your maximum speed below what your machine is capable of.

Framing speed should be determined by the speed set in Move window. Check that value and make sure it’s not somehow set low.

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