K40 homing in wrong spot

I guess I would have expected this to cause an issue with burn quality before showing up as a homing issue.

Grounding issues could potentially cause something like this but I would have assumed that the high voltage and low voltage side of these machines would be isolated.

When messing around in the machine, I suspect you may have also reconnected some other bad connection. Only a taught. but here’s hoping it stays working for a long time.

Why would the laser be firing when/if it’s homing? Doesn’t make any sense to me :frowning:


I agree with you :100:

Thanks for uploading the M119. I find it odd that the default state is active for all the switches. Or maybe I’m not understanding Smoothieware behavior.

Can you run M119 with X and Y switches triggered?

My K40 did the exact same thing. It worked perfectly with Whisperer but failed to home with Lightburn. I found the Y axis limit had a bad crimp on it, a slight tug on the wire showed a separated wire. I soldered the conecction and it homes perfectly ever since.

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