K40 Issues with homing and y axis

I just installed my Cohesion 3D in my K40. The home limits are not being picked up and I can’t manually move the laser in the ‘y’ axis. When creating a square, it only moves back and fourth in the x axis. The cable for my end stops only has 4 wires but the end stop connector on the Cohesion board has 5 contacts.

The 5th wire isn’t connected if you have physical switches instead of optical ones (it’s a 5v power pin), so that’s completely normal.

When you power up the laser, does the Y move at all? Is the motor connected / wired properly? Is one of the limit switch wires broken? I’ve seen both of these things happen before.

I was able to solve the problem, I had the y motor plugged into the limit connector. Thanks for responding. Everything works now.

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