K40 lightburn camera not working

I’ve been trying to connect my lightburn camera to my k40. I’ve tried it on three different computers and two different operating systems.windows 8/10 and I can’t get my computer’s to recognize the camera. I got it a few times to recognize it but when I went to calibrate it. Lightburn would freeze up. Does anyone know what to do? Or where I can get a replacement cord if that is it.

  • Make sure Windows is allowing LightBurn to use the camera
  • Make sure that you aren’t using a USB extension cable to connect the camera
  • If the software freezes when trying to calibrate, make sure you don’t have a visible honeycomb bed’ (the pattern looks like circles and confuses the software)

Check those, and check these as well:

Let me know if it’s still not working after that. Did you purchase from us, or someone else?

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I just tried all of that and it still is not working. It will freeze with nothing inside it when the camera is working. If I lay just a piece of wood in it it does the same. I get lucky when it does show up in my light burn. Is there a way I could purchase another cord. I already have the camera and the mount. I’m wondering if this is defective

Did you purchase the camera from us? I looked, but I can only see key purchases under your name / email. Send me a PM with an order number or the name purchased under and I’ll get this taken care of.

It was purchased from this website.

That’s not us, so you’re better off following up with C3D. They buy direct from the same manufacturer we do, but I won’t have your info on file, and if the camera itself is bad, C3D will be the one who replaces it.

I see you posting all over Facebook about it, but your best option is going to be contacting C3D directly and working with them. I can sell you a replacement cable, but that’s assuming it’s the cable and not something else.

Do you hear the “ding!” when you plug it in? Does the Windows camera app see it?

Sometimes I do but most of the time I don’t. I’ve used 4 different computers so far. 2 windows 10. 1 windows 8 and 1 windows 7. I am trying to get in contact with them but they aren’t the easiest to contact for customer service. How much would a new cable be? It has connected before but only a few times.


I can send one for $5 plus shipping. If that’s cool, I’ll invoice you for it, and if you’re quick and the postman isn’t early, it might go out today.

Paid. PayPal. Thank you very much I really appreciate it

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