Kamera Kalibrierung funktioniert nicht (Camera calibration not working)

Hallo Community,
ich möchte gerne meine Webcam für Lightburn kalibrieren, jedoch wenn ich auf den Button “Erfassen” klicke, passiert Garnichts. Ich hatte die Kalibrierung an meinem alten PC schonmal abgeschlossen daher weiss ich wie es aussehen müsste wenns klappt. Hat jemand einen Tip, oder Hilft nur eine neu Installation von Lightburn?
Beste Grüße

Hello community,
I would like to calibrate my webcam for lightburn, but when I click the capture button nothing happens. I had already completed the calibration on my old PC, so I know what it should look like if it works. Does anyone have a tip, or does only a new installation of Lightburn help?
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If Windows 10 is the New computer. Was Windows 7 the old Computer?

Windows 10 added several features to improve security with cameras.

This is a good place to start.

Another switch that may be of benefit is the Custom vs Default Camera Capture System.

Switch to the other setting and retest. Some work better on Default, some work better on Custom.

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Vielen Dank, das hat mein Problem gelöst =)

Thank you, that solved my problem =)

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I would like to know which step was the one that worked for you.

Was it the Custom vs. Default, Camera Capture System?
If so, which setting didn’t work and which setting did work.

If it was something in the Hellscape post, please let me know that as well.

This information may help the next person that is looking for the answer.

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