Kerf Offset is not working

Im running a business and suddenly all setting has been changed, the machine orientation to all details about kerf offset and etc.
Now Im not able to use Kerf Offset anymore, it doesnt matter if its a inward or outward, it doesnt take the command.
Any suggestions?

Which settings, those in LightBurn or the Ruida controller itself? Did you make these changes, or are you saying they randomly changed? Are you saying you do not see where that setting is? The ‘Kerf offset’ option is available from the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window about halfway down and has not been moved.

Please explain what you have tried, what you expected and the result you got to help us “see” what you are having issue with. You really have not provided much detail for us to work with. :slight_smile:

Did you update LightBurn? You can roll back to an older version (← click) that worked for you previously.

I seem to be having a similar issue, I can see the kerf offset and it allows me to change it but there’s no change in the cut itself. IE, I can set it for .15 and 5.0 mm and the piece will come out exactly the same both times

Take a look at this post I made a few days ago. Run the same type test and let us know, showing what results you get, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

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