Lamp - 0.8mm birchplay

It’s one of my lamps. In addition to providing a very comfortable warm light, I am a little proud that all parts are made of wood, designed with LIGHTBURN and produced on a K40.
The screws and nuts are M4 and handmade.

6 Likes Beautiful and very creative!

Designed it only in lightburn?

Hi Bjørn,
yes, everything is “constructed” in LB.
Oz and his taem have over the last year modernized the edit part of LB so much, I use Inkscape almost never more. Because there is this progress in LB, I think the last missed tools are coming at some point.
At the same time, we must also remember that LB is not really intended for use as a cad program, but they are now doing very well :wink:

Enjoy the Sunday and take care of yourself

Very impressive Bernd! :slight_smile:

Very nice, great work

Do I see a 3D modeling view in the future? You never know with the amazing @LightBurn behind the code

I do not think so, a laser works mostly only 2 dimensional.

I’ve seen some grayscale stuff that’s quite 3-dimensional.

It looks like a hops cone.
Very beautiful and would go well in a brewery tap room.
Nicely done.

I was thinking the exact same thing earlier when I saw it

Another one here that immediately thought “humulus lupulus” when I saw it.

Very nice job on the lamp!

Thanks for the kind words.
I have made lamps in various sizes and materials. The lamp in the picture is the second largest in the collection, made of 3 mm Masonite (MDF?) I do not know what it is called in English.
The idea that they look like a hops seed is very sympathetic to me, I enjoy good beer. :beer:


Cheers from The Great Pacific Northwest :beer:

That’s perfect! Greetings from the Czech Republic - the land of the beer!

:+1: that’s right, you make some of the best beers I’ve tasted, especially the dark beers are very delicious.

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Time to show another lamp I’ve made :wink:


1 Like I love the projection of light on the ceiling. Looks like a beautiful stylized sun. :sun_with_face:


I am falling in love.
I am interested in knowing how the leaves are held in place.

that’s the cover plate i made to get this effect. This type of lamp does not give much light but in return a very warm and cozy ambient.

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