Laser aborts stream and does not finish


I have a Neje 3 Max & i am using Lightburn. My Problem is: When I am Stating a stream it will be execute. But at a random Time it breaks up. But the Blue Time Strip says it executed. And when I break up the stream, the Blue Time Strip is full and at the front there stands “Busy”. But the I can not Control the laser I must restart everything. At the Console Display there is not a error message.

Thank you for your help

Hi Roman,
I have (may be) similar issue with my OLM2Pro: Incomplete job on Linux version with grbl Ortur LM2

After a lot of investigation Lightburn team still not answer me about technical aspects I described :frowning:

Is your a long job? Is repeatable? In the console (full log) can you see if all gcode commands are sent to the laser machine? Check them against the gcode file you can save as plain text

I have had similar problems, and it turned out to be the laptop I was using was switching off the USB port to conserve power. If you are using a laptop, you might need to google how to do it. I thought I had it sorted, but I was wrong, until I googled it. It doesn’t do it now.

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