Laser Beam color

The ignorant

My Neje’s Laser beam is always blue, even when I run a “Frame” in Lightburn before I start my job.
If I put the machine on “pause” during a job, the laser beam is red.

Now I have come to think about whether the blue rays always require me to wear glasses?

If “yes” - is it possible that as long as I am in the process of getting ready to run a new job, and use “Frame” in Lightburn, a light beam/Laser beam is displayed which is totally harmless?

I’m not familiar with the red light on Neje units. Is this an explicit feature?

However, basically any time you’re getting a blue light you absolutely should be wearing glasses. There are some arguments where at extremely low powers and with a very non-reflective material you could potentially get away with not wearing glasses but you’re betting with your eyes.

If you can enable the red laser at will and that’s indeed meant as a visible laser then you could potentially use that for framing.

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