Laser burns between objects

My Ortur Laser Master 2 continues to burn between objects. Instead of starting and stopping the burn process, it burns everywhere it goes. The platform is 400mmx430mm and I’m using LIghtBurn version 0.9.20 and GRBL 1.1f or higher. I’ve had the laser for about a month and it worked great, but this week it burns everywhere. I deleted the lightburn program and re-installed it with no change. I changed the $30 and $32 settings to 1 and 1000 per advice from online help, but that didn’t do anything. Any advice?

I would open a support ticket with Ortur - sounds like you have a bad board.

Thanks. I’ll see what they say.

Mine is doing the same this after running for a few weeks fine.

Have you reached out to the nice folks at Ortur for assistance?

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