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I’m pretty new to the whole laser thing and trying to get my head around calibrating my laser without burning through a ton of materials but running into an issue based on the limited number of layers available.
I have a design for a test grid that has 4 corner areas that run as an initial test to help narrow down the range that works best with the subject material. Based on the results of that initial test you would then select one of the secondary layers that best matches those results. Problem is that the central stacked test grid uses 10 layers for each setting and with 4 layers used on the 4 corners I’m almost out of layers immediately. I may well have to end up creating separate test patterns for each range but having a single file that includes all the options makes the process a lot more streamlined. Are there any plans to make more layers available? Only one layer would be turned on at a time so it’s hard to imagine that it would take many more resources than burning a greyscale image.

Can’t use the “power scale” function for that? Many material tests are built on this principle and you get almost unlimited number of test options.

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So I have a 10x10 grid, each horizontal layer is a different speed and each vertical column is a different power level. Is that what you mean?

Yes that’s what I mean. Material Cut/Scan Test Files - Power Scale

I can set the power level going horizontally but I can’t see how to adjust the speed using the same method.

Correct. LightBurn does not provide Speed Scaling per-object, as you are thinking.

Also, have a look at the nice tools one of our members produced. Build some test files using their tools and compare to what you are building to learn how all these work to do exactly what you are wanting.

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