Laser distance from engraving surface

I have a C02 laser 150w. With Ruida Controller. I’m thinking that my laser need to be 20mm from the surface of what i’m engraving.(using the little tile included to measure) So with different widths of material, how do i get the laser closer or further from the surface?

If your system has a movable bed, adjust the height to accommodate for the thickness of the material you want to engrave.

Some lasers have an easily movable focus tube that you can slide up & down instead of moving the bed. Same concept, just a different way of doing it.

Is this what you are asking?

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Yes, I just can’t figure out how to move mine😂

Take a few pictures to show us what you have, we might be able to help.

Usually a toggle switch on the side near the USB/Ethernet ports. Three position - up, centre, down - up to move the bed up, centre to stop, down for down.

There’s only a USB port on the side.

You should have Z axis control for that beast. :wink: Did you get some training from Laguna when you acquired this system? I see you have an “auto-focus pen” attached to the head as well. Have you used that to find the correct focus distance?

There are a few ways to adjust the height of the bed. Directly from the controller keys, and from software including RDWorks, and LightBurn.

LightBurn provide access to control Z axis movements from the ‘Move’ window and several other places within the software based on the settings you provide. These moves can cause crashing of the head into the bed and damage your setup if unintended. These Z movements are turned OFF (red) by default for this reason. We want the user to understand this and intentionally turn this support on themselves, fully understanding what this does. :slight_smile:

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Look at 15:00 in

Maybe watching their videos will help?

Thanks for this @Bonjour! Should be very helpful for your setup @JennuineMoments.

Thank you for the help, No training yet, they wanted me to play around with it first then do training so i would have a basic idea of how it worked.

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yes!!! thank you, totally helped

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Check their video library on YouTube.

Other vendors, such as thunderlaser’s videos will also be useful, as are Lightburn’s training videos.

There is a guy who has done a ton of Chinese co2 laser how-to videos who is useful for beginners, but I doesn’t use lightburn

Still useful, though, as he covers a lot of machine tips and techniques:

Thank you , all these comments have been life savers

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