Laser does not cut correctly

Good morning !
i just bought this 100w machine.
I made all the adjustments, height, mirrors etc … engraving is correct but I cannot cut correctly.
I show you the result at speed 10 and power 100. the cutting line is very thick and the laser cannot cut 5mm plywood … any idea of ​​the origin of the problem?
thanks a lot !!

I cut 6mm ply at 3mm/s @ 70% on a 50 watt laser.

What procedure did you use?

Keep you power levels down from max at least until you everything is ok and you have reason.
You’ll severely shorten tube life.

It doesn’t look focused. Have you done a ramp test?


That doesn’t look well focused. How are you determining your focal distance? You’ve done a ramp test or similar?

Yes, I’ve done the ramp test and it is ok at this height

Yes ! But I find the test ramp thick in the thinner part…

I don’t think you understand the ramp test concept. Watch this video on youtube

The line should start fat then grow hair thin then grow fat again. Yours is the same. It’s definitely not focused properly.

Yes it is exactly the test I did. It is thinner in the middle but still a little thick

Yeah, that does appear to go from fat to thin and back, but the thin part is still not nearly focused.
Dirty lens or dirty or misaligned mirrors are the most likely place to look for trouble.

You are totally right, need to investigate more the alignment of mirors. Thank you !

Start with “the easy” and make sure that lens is good and clean, and then the mirrors. If all that is spotless then it’s time to investigate mirror alignment.

Was there some reason you did all the adjustments?
Was this a new machine?

There are a lot of videos out there that are great. Russ Sadler (UK) has produced a bunch of videos on these lasers. I blame my addiction with this stuff on him :slight_smile:

RDWorks Learning Lab 51 Beam Setting for Beginners Part 1

Good luck, take care :slight_smile:

Does the laser nozzle heat up after cutting? In this case, the mirror attached to the head of your device is not adjusted properly and the laser light hits the nozzle and will not be able to cut, I had this problem before.

From the best I can get, he hasn’t followed it any further than the mirror on the head. I think we’ve been trying to get him to check the z axes alignment. We are not making it clear enough, I don’t think.


Yes ! But as it is new, I assume it is clean :wink:
But may be not !
I will clean :sponge: it. Do you know with what I can clean ?

Yes it was a new machine (received 2 days ago !)

I have to check that may be !
Another thing is that the red light is not a point but a 5mm line… don’t know why either

To adjust the red light, you will probably need to turn the screw on the pointer to make a small red dot

Haha… if it’s new I’d assume it’s dirty. :slight_smile:
I use a little Glass Plus or Windex on a soft clean cloth. Use camera lens cleaning tissues if you’ve got 'em.

To assume is to ‘err’ :slight_smile:

If it’s a new machine, and you assumed it’s clean, but needed adjusting? :frowning:

I would have think it would be clean if new :joy::joy:
Thank you very much