Laser does not stop between letters in line engraveing

Hi there …
im have some wat of a problem with letter engraving ----- in line mode
when i try to engrave a Name In line mode the laser leaves a line from letter to letter as if is welded together in fill mode i do not get that line from letter to letter …
any ideas of what i may be …
ad also when i do a image engrave it goes to 46 % then just stops and hangs there with out continuing On i need to stop engraving and restart
and 1 other problem when it manages to finish a project it gets to 99% and stays there for ever

For the hangs, check all your connections - this is usually caused by electrical noise, or the controller hanging, but can also be caused by USB ports going to sleep.

Read here: How to troubleshoot connection issues with USB

Hi thanks for the fast response
sorry but i´m a noob with lightburn …what do you mean with " Fix this by typing $32=1 in the console"
i have a Diode Laser 20Watt (VigoEngraverL7 )

and it is setup automatically by Lightburn as GRBL
cant find any other setting to play around with
help greatly appreciated


Go to the Console window:

Where it says, “(type command here)” type $32=1 and press enter.

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