Laser doesn´t cut like its supposed to

I am starting with laser cutting and my laser power is far from what was supposed to.
And it doesnt cut with the same power in all directions and is flickering in Y direction
I have Neje A40630 which it says that cuts 4mm plywood with 100mm/min, 100% power in 1 pass, but mine doesn´t cut it in 3 with air assist.

1.lbrn2 (4.5 KB)
I have this:
controlboard: High Quality 12V DIY Woodworking Laser Engraver Control Board Driver Controller Board for CNC Engraving Machine|Woodworking Machinery Parts| - AliExpress
laser: NEJE A40640/A40630/N40630 CNC Laser Module Laser Head 450nm TTL For Laser Engraver Wood Cutting MDF Metal Mark Set Smarter Tool|Wood Routers| - AliExpress A40630 kit.
thank you for answers.

You have to check your focus and your air assist, even if i suppose that your controller is not the best one for that module. I have the same module and this is one of my jobs with it

Yes I have compressor with about 17 l/min.

can we see how is configured your air assist? a pict?

Sorry fo not answering. I wasnt home.

sure you are focusing well? i have same module but i’m more close than you to surface, look at the neje wiki page…

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