Laser goes to "busy" because of streaming

trying to engrave a cutting boards (12 times) but after the second board, the laser go into “busy” and the console states that it is streaming. How can I fix this. My email on Lightburn is [Redacted email]. Would appreciate any help Thanks, John von

Hello and welcome,

I’ve moved your question into the Ortur channel and redacted your email address to keep the webcrawlers from grabbing it and junk mailing you.

We’ll need to know a little more about your Ortur device.

With LightBurn running and your Ortur laser connected, please request the device information report by typing the following in the Console window:
Then press Enter.

You have access to the Copy/Paste features so it’s available for you to Copy / Paste that report into your reply here.

This will tell us which model of the Engraver you’re using and which firmware is present on it’s controller. The Firmware number will tell us when it was changed last and if the manufacturer has offered a firmware update to address the behavior you’re seeing.

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