Laser head - measure distance - plywood - laser lens

Hi all,

in the link You can see laser head type which i have in my “K40”.

What measuring tool should i use to set height for cutting / drawing? Even i cannot tell exacly where the laser lens is…

Do You have some links to 3d print some tools? I have 12mm lens with 50,8 mm focus point.

Link below:

I have good experience with my focus tool. Once you have done a ramp test, you can fine tune the tool very easily from the top of the X axis to the narrowest point of the ramp test.

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Ok. So for 3mm plywood (if You want to cut) - You’re doing ramp test, get thinnest line measurements, then substract 1,5mm for cutting, right?

Theoretically yes, and I also do it often this way, but at 3mm I most often use the surface of plywood as a starting point (with my K40).
By the way, the ramp test I do only once, when there is no change on the lens, the focus point is static.

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The machine from the link is an interesting variant of a K40, much more advanced than my standard K40 and with a nice big machine bed. Also the controller looks like a Ruida, that’s fine.
I think the importer gets the machine with the necessary extra wishes from China and modifies the rest to western standarts himself. Of course, the price is in another category, but the market is also schools and public institutions that require safer and approved machines.
What is your experience with the machine so far?

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