Laser head not moving to home position

Hello all,
Normally when I press the start button the laser head is moving to the home position and then move back to the last position before shutdown.
Now the laser head is not moving to the home 0 position ,
Have someone experience with this problem?
I have a ruida controller
Thank you very much

NO issues here, at power up mine homes and come back to my set position.

I see that you have tagged Grbl and ruida in your post. These are mutually exclusive.

None of the Ruida controllers communicate with GRBL and none of the GRBL controllers communicate with Ruida.

Please tell us what kind of laser engraver you are having problems with in this case.

I would also like to know which version of LightBurn you’re using and more about the computer and how you have connected to the engraver.
Putting the information in your Profile saves time and reduces back-and-forth questioning.

Please consider the following:

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