Laser is "pulsing"... only cutting some parts of the lines

Complete newbie here…

I’ve hooked my Endurance 10W laser to my Shapeoko XXL, and after a bit of fidgeting, its finally cutting on its own. Sort of. The laser is only cutting in “pulses”… and I can’t find a setting (or the correct thing to search on google) to fix this. The pictures show it all - the word should be composed of full lines, but they’re only partial lines. The pulses seem to be reasonably regular.

Any ideas what this could be?

Welcome and thanks for posting. We will need a bit more to offer you help. What are your current settings? Device Profile selected? Firmware version and settings? Cut settings for this project?

Provide this information and we can go from there.

Thanks Rick.

I am running GBRL 1.1f, with settings below:




































Various settings are as follows:

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