Laser isn’t responding

Laser is paused or waiting what can I do to fix this

Some more information would help us help you. What’s the make & model of your laser? What were you doing when you encountered this? What have you tried so far? What do you see in the Console messages? This thread may help you as well: “Machine may be busy or paused” error message

So I finally got it to open up and actually move but it’s not cutting the image

My machine is the Gweike G2 20W

Good news! There’s a special version of LightBurn in development with the Gweike G2 galvo fiber laser in mind—this will get you much farther: LightBurn 1.7 Public Beta.

Update us with your progress, and watch this forum thread for others using the same beta version 1.7 as you: Public Beta Release - LightBurn 1.7.00 for xTool S1 and BSL lasers - #56 by LightBurn