Laser light not burning in wood

The laser light comes on and it moves as if burning the image, but the laser does not burn. I am ready to send this back been working with it for 2 weeks i reset just like your help file says. can you plz help me…

I’d reach out to Totem Two trees, could be bad wiring.

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1/8 inch panel wood. and what settings do you need? i am still trying to get things worked out

I’d guess they’re looking for these ones. And “Panel wood” is kind of vague. Is it MDF? Birch?

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yes birch paneling.

2021-11-14 (4)

Twotrees TT-2.5 Laser Engraver Machine Laser Cutter Engraving Machine DIY Laser Wood Engraver 300x400mm (7.5w Input Power& 2.5w Laser Power)

You should see some kind of engraving. Try it at 600 in/m and 100% power no minimum on the low end. If it only turn on the laser for framing then you might have bad wiring. But you should really be reaching out to the manufacturer.



is there anyway to get a picture of the wiring?

i did reach out to the manufacturer and they sent me a new system and told me to contact the software for help

yes i did. the manual was very little help

Try it with LaserGRBL, if it cuts then try with LightBurn.

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yes it works with that software.

Go to the console window and type $$ and $# please post those here.

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2021-11-14 (6)

nothing came up. I typed $$ and then $# and then all together but nothing.
Am i supposed to be hooked to my laser?

Yes. Then copy the code that comes out and paste ALL of it here.

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Not a screenshot. Please copy the code in the console window and paste it here. Someone will be able to tell you what code if any needs some input from you.

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