Laser machine won’t start:/

So I replaced my emergency stop button since the old one gave out and I wired it wrong… then spark…

Machine is a:
644x ruida

The fuse to the main outlet was replaced (240v 10a)

Wired the emergency stop correctly based from the same other laser that I have but still no juice?

Power is going and stopping at the emergency stop button, it’s going to the power switch but not coming out? I wonder if that’s it but finding a replacement will take forever…

Switch power supply

Any ideas?

Hello Abrahem,

I had to replace the emergency switch and it turned out that the switch I ordered had a make and a break contact instead of two break contacts. So one contact was on and the other contact was off and no power on the output. Make contacts have useualy a green button and a break contact a red button.
How is your switch configurated?

Best Regards,

Hey Henk! Yes! That was the issue with mine as well from Amazon.

Thanks I just figured it out a couple hours ago.

Thanks for your reply machine is up and running again:)

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