Laser master 2 cutting problem

Hello, everyone! I have questions about the operation and settings of the laser. I hope to reach their solution through you and I will be very grateful! I fail to cut even 3 mm depth. I read reviews and other discussions and moved the module down to the maximum to which it is attached with the plate and bolts. previously the focus of the point was not very good and it was not a definite point. it’s better now, but it’s still not a solid point. now it cuts, but it’s still not as it should be. or it just cuts for a very long time or the lines of each repetition thicken. the other thing is when I wrote the text it I notice that the line up cuts and is a denser point, the lines of width the point is all the same different or weaker on the other side. I enclose a sample photo. Laser master 2 thank you in advance. be healthy!